Sexual Energy

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In Reality there isnt such thing as "sexual energy" its just energy. But humans know the act of generating energy as sex, therefore we will name it "sexual energy" for an easier understanding.

Sexual Energy can give two results: Positive or negative. Today most people generate Negative sexual Energy
this is why the world is the way it is today. Positive Energy can only be achieved in strength when done with in a serious
relationship, that is, with LOVE AND DESIRE, The two elements needed together. This energy can heal you, change your
life, help you progress at every level.
This means you can't confuse having intimacy out of desire alone. If you see someone attractive in the streets and you feel
desire and then act upon those desires, thats pure negativty.
Positive Energy can also be generated to a lesser degree, but still positive, this is the FINE LINE.
When two Friends who understand spirituality do it as a ritual and with the intention of generating Positive energy,
that is, their mind is not looking for a sexual emotional discharge, but rather they are aiming for a goal. This is a low
generation of positive energy, because you are conscious of your energy, body and mind, its not high because its
lacking love and desire, but its not generating negativity.
Negative Energy is generated when the persons intention are only focused on lust, emotional discharge and animalistic
physical actions. Where intention, love, consciousness or connection don't play a role. These destroy your life.
Any actions that are far from these explanations generate Negativity and this must be understood correctly in order to
have a #positive life.

There is a huge energy difference between being liberal about sex and the actual sacred act of generating positivity. It's not about
free sex and debauchery its about Love and connection. Why ? because one side fills up our ether and world with Negative Energy
and guides us down a path of a world destruction and the other one fills up our ether and world with
Positive Energy leading for change and progress in our planet.  

"We live in a reduced reality of what exists around us while inhabiting this planet."


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What is Sexual Energy ?
Sexual energy is the highest energy creation humans have. Its a connection to our vessel, to the ether which we come from. It's how we all exist, it is creation.

Energy is something created constantly, you cant stop it from it, every thought, every feeling, every action is generating an energy, every second of your existence.
A touch creates a spark of energy between two people, a stare, an emotional connection, a mental connection, a connection of a kiss and at the top of the line is the connection through intercourse.
One bodies energy enters the other and it creates a beautiful sphere of energy which travels through the body and towards the ether. You see, we are all constantly filling a space in the ether, this is why its so important to generate positivity for our world.
"There isn't a human life on earth that doesn't originate from sex"
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30 Mar 2024
I was drawn here because of your take on sexuality, very clear and undistorted .

i feel destined to support restoring the sacred in sexuality, & sexual energy healing & i'm curious about what you might offer anyone initating into sexual priestesshood in modern times

thank you!
Jersild Camargo GarcĂ­a
06 Dec 2023
Gracias por entrar a la comunidad
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